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Testing Overview

iStudy Proctored Testing
All iStudy courses require a final exam and at least one mid-course test. All exams must be proctored at an approved test site.

In order to have test information sent to a proctor, an Exam Application is required for every proctored exam. No testing information will be sent without an exam application. Complete application instructions can be found at Scheduling Exams.

DETL (The Distance Education Testing Lab) is the University’s testing center that can proctor examinations for students in the Oxford area. Students near Tupelo, Southaven, Grenada, or Booneville can utilize our regional campus testing centers. Other students may take exams at any approved two- or four-year college or university. Private testing centers and public libraries can also serve as proctors. K-12 schools are not acceptable. More information about proctors is on the Proctors for iStudy Students webpage.

Exam Eligibility Requirements

Course Exams

Final Exams

*This two-month period starts on the submission date of the first lesson. Eight weeks (56 days, including the registration date) is the minimum time a student must be enrolled in a course before requesting the final examination.

Final Grades

Scheduling Exams

It is the primary responsibility of the individual taking the course to obtain a proctor and to accurately communicate this information to the iStudy Office in a timely manner, using the proper exam application. These steps should be followed to schedule exams:

For course exams, the student must submit all lessons prior to that exam as listed in the course guide. For final exams, all lessons must be submitted and graded before taking the exam. See Eligibility for Tests for more information.

Testing Sites

  1. The Distance Education Testing Lab (DETL) in Oxford provides approved proctors. Appointments are made using their online scheduling system.
  2. Students near Tupelo, Southaven, Grenada, or Booneville can utilize our regional campus testing centers, whose proctors are approved. Call the campus to schedule an appointment and then include the information on the exam application.
  3. Students not testing at DETL or the regional campuses need to determine the proctor before sending in the exam application. To obtain a testing site, locate the nearest community college, college, or university and contact its testing center. Students can also use ProctorU ( which is an online proctoring service. Final possibilities are a public library (contact head librarian) or private testing center (i.e. Sylvan Learning Centers). Refer to the iStudy Proctors webpage for approved proctor lists and other proctor suggestions. Contact the proctor prior to submitting the exam application. It is preferable to schedule the exam at this time, but not required.

Submit the exam application to the iStudy Office:
Exam applications may be submitted in one of the following ways:

ComputerOnline: This is the preferred method. Complete the online exam application found of the Instructions page

TelephoneIn Person: deliver to our office in the Jackson Avenue Center

emailBy Email:

faxBy Fax: (662) 915-8826

mailBy Mail:

The Division of Outreach
P.O. Box 1848
University, MS 38677

Complete the process:
Except for exams at DETL, when our office sends the testing materials to the proctor, the student will receive a confirmation email. It is the student's responsibility to schedule the exam. Proctors return exams if the student has not contacted them within three weeks. Contact the proctor directly if rescheduling is needed. To reschedule an exam at DETL, please follow the instructions on the scheduling page.

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