Residential Experience

Summer College students live in the Residential College South, one of the newer residence halls on campus. The RC South is separated by gender into sectioned floors for Summer College, with undergraduate counselors residing on each floor to supervise residents.

Students will be assigned to share a room with one other student unless they wish to pay the cost of a single room. Students housed in the RC South enjoy playing ping pong and board games in its recreational spaces as well as games of football, soccer, and frisbee in the large adjoining green space. On evenings when there is live music in the Grove or on the Square, students may stroll up to take in the show or savor ice-cold snacks purchased from a local vendor.

All Summer College students belong to smaller communities of fellow students, allowing them opportunities to get to know one another on a more individual basis. Community time activities combine social and educational opportunities and are facilitated by residential staff four nights per week.

Meal plans are provided to all Summer College students. Additional meals are catered on a weekly basis in conjunction with our co-curricular events, and many students also choose to eat out on the weekends.

Students enjoy the freedom of the campus during the day but are required to return to the RC South for community time and by 10 pm each evening. Students may not leave campus without supervision provided by the program.

The student recreational center, Student Health Center and other campus services are available to students while they are enrolled in Summer College programs.

Weekend Activities

Each session, students participate in planned Saturday and Sunday activities. Although most of these trips are included in the cost of the program, students are still required to sign up at least one week prior to the beginning of the event.

This weekend is all about exploring town, taking a tour of historic Oxford on the popular Double-Decker bus, shopping on the Square, and visiting Rowan Oak. The bus ride is included in the cost of the program.

Ice Skating
We believe in keeping cool during the summer. If health restrictions allow it, a trip to the Mid-South Ice House will be included in the program.

Arts in Oxford
A day of art appreciation and creating art. Visits to some studios on campus and/or in town are included in this activity.

Escape the Residence Hall
An evening of puzzles, mysteries, and team work. A theme party will be hosted afterwards. Come dressed for the occasion in costume!

Memphis Trip
This daytrip is full of activities. Take a stroll in the Blues Capital’s downtown and have lunch near the Mississippi River. Other activities will be included as health restrictions change.
Note: Some activities will depend on health restrictions at the time of activity. Activities will be substituted as appropriate.

Going home for the weekend

Keeping our community safe and ensuring every student has the opportunity to complete their residential month of Summer College is our top priority. We have learned from our university and others that keeping students in a “bubble,” so that they socialize only with one another, can limit the spread of COVID-19. For this reason, student requests for weekend leave will only be approved under exceptional circumstances this year. Students granted leave may return to Summer College only if granted permission by the Director of Pre-College Programs.

Exceptional circumstances include:

  • Medical necessity
  • Family emergency

Not included:

  • Family celebrations or vacations

Getting to the University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi is located in the city of Oxford, in the north central region of the State of Mississippi. It is situated about 75 miles southeast of Memphis, Tennessee.

The closest major airport is Memphis International Airport. The most common way to travel from the airport to Oxford is by car or taxi.

All students must make their own arrangements to arrive and depart from campus.

Driving to Campus

If a student drives to campus and plans to keep their vehicle, they must obtain a parking pass from the Department of Parking and Transportation.

Move-In Information & Orientation

Summer College is housed in the Residential College South building. Arriving students must pre-register for arrival and departure using the links provided by email. For public health reasons, students may not move in outside of their selected arrival window. One family member may assist the student in moving into their room, and a pre-screening health check of both student and family member will be conducted at the front desk. Pre-screening for the student will include proof of a negative COVID test result (within 72 hours) or proof of vaccination.

Students are encouraged to quarantine for one-week prior to move-in and we ask that all students track symptoms daily during that period.

Arrival Dates and Times 2022
  First Session Second Session
  Date Registration Orientation Date Registration Orientation
Summer College May 30 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Depending on check-in time June 29 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Depending on check-in time
International Summer College May 30 Upon arrival TBD June 29 Upon arrival TBD

Some students may have a final exam scheduled on June 28th (first session) or July 29th (second session). We encourage students to make arrangements to move out immediately following their exam.

Students will receive room assignment, class schedule, required book list, and Ole Miss ID at move-in.

Orientation will be conducted online prior to move-in and is mandatory, but an additional optional tour with a parent meet-and-greet will be hosted at move-in. Details will be sent by email.

Move-Out Information

Students must check out of Summer College four hours after taking their second final exam unless the exam is late in the day. You will be assigned a check-out window and must adhere to that time, in accordance with university safety protocols.

First Session Second Session
Summer College June 27 or 28 July 28 or 29
International Summer College June 28 July 29

Some students may have a final exam scheduled on June 29th (first session) or July 30th (second session). We encourage students to make arrangements to move out immediately following their exam.

Health and Safety

The welfare and safety of all our students is the Office of Pre-College Programs’ and the University of Mississippi's top priority. We take safety very seriously and have policies and protocols in place that aid in the prevention and in the occurrence of emergent situations. Please keep in mind that the below requirements may be adapted in consultation with university officials as public health conditions change.

Residential life (Covid 19 protocols)

Effective August 5, 2021, the university will require face coverings in indoor public spaces on campus, regardless of vaccination status. This includes public office spaces, classrooms, conference rooms, and other academic spaces like laboratories and libraries. Additionally, masks will be required while traversing public spaces in residence halls, dining facilities, the Student Union, Campus Recreation, and retail spaces. Face coverings are not required when outdoors.

Summer College students should follow CDC guidelines for how to wear a mask so that masks can be as effective as possible.

As more information becomes available, Summer College will update our health and safety protocols in consultation with University officials.

In the event of illness

  • A student with symptoms that manifest during the program will be isolated immediately under supervision and required either to submit to symptomatic testing or make arrangements for transport home.
  • We will use the Student Health Center for care during business hours and Urgent Care for care after hours, as described below.
  • A student who tests positive for COVID-19 will be quarantined immediately. They must be picked up by family within 6 hours of the test result (if test results arrive between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.). If result is given after 8 p.m., student may remain overnight and must leave by 8 a.m. the following morning as per University Housing’s policy.
  • In the event of some difficulty in arranging transportation by 8 a.m. the next morning, families must notify the Associate Director of Pre-College Programs. Pre-College will make every effort to provide a suitable open-air location with supervision until the family is able to arrive.
  • Students who must leave campus prematurely due to COVID are responsible for making arrangements with their professors. Please keep in mind that professors make their own decisions about coursework and determine what is fair – Summer College has no authority to affect professors’ decisions about their courses.
  • If the program experiences an outbreak, the program will close in compliance with university and State public health requirements. It is for this reason that we are taking the above precautions, as we would not want students to miss out on the full Summer College experience.


For non-emergency healthcare, students can visit the V.B. Harrison Student Health Center located on campus. The health center is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

For non-emergency health care after hours or on weekends, students are taken to "Urgent Care" clinics located throughout Oxford.

For emergency health care, students are transported to the North Mississippi Baptist Memorial Hospital Emergency Room.

Non-emergency and emergency contact numbers for program staff will be provided at Orientation.

What Students are Saying

Former participants have shared their feedback with us. Take a look!

“My counselor was so supportive and understanding. He listened when I was frustrated or stressed, and he even helped me organize my classes for freshman year.”

Student ParticipantSummer 2017

“Summer College gave me a new point of view on the USA in general, and it was completely different from what I expected. I definitely felt at home here.”

Student ParticipantSummer 2018

“The impact that Summer College has on me is one that I am forever thankful for. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Student ParticipantSummer 2018