The University of Mississippi Writing Project

What is our mission?

The University of Mississippi Writing Project seeks to empower teachers to improve thinking, writing, teaching, and learning through access, diversity, and equity; through relevant and current teaching practices; and through teacher expertise, leadership, and reflection.

How do we execute our mission?

  • Workshops for educators across the curriculum
  • In-school professional development for schools and districts
  • Intensive summer programs
  • Continued support for teachers throughout the year
  • Young writers' programs

Why should you participate?

  • Current and relevant training in instruction
  • Access to a state and national network of teachers and resources
  • Insightful and reflective approaches to classroom practice
  • Collaborative atmosphere empowers teachers as professionals
  • Community of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals in literacy education

Transitioning to College Writing Symposium

An annual symposium for teachers and students of composition, from middle school through university levels.

National Writing Project

The University of Mississippi Writing Project is one of 160 sites of the National Writing Project.